Have you been a fan of Fairytales? Ever believed in them? Ever thought that someday when your Footwear breaks, you’d have a visit to the Palace and be the lucky one to dance with the Charming Prince and not go to the Cobbler hopping around?

Ever thought that achieving something wasn’t so tough in Life and that only drawing it on a notepad with a Pencil could get it for you? If you have, I am sure you already have a lot of Pages with weirdest of Drawings about Chocolates and Cars and even Dinosaurs for a matter of fact.

Life is a running warfare. You have a battle to fight every day. We always wake up with the desire to have a good day and by the time you are scrubbing hard in the washroom, you are already in that zone where you have imagined yourself to be Alexander, The Great. Absolutely charged up to conquer the day. By the end of the day, you are just too tired to do anything. Probably praying for some magic to happen and hoping that your Boss would just ring you up and ask you to rest at Home.

Wanting for a 6 month vacation twice a Year isn’t too much to ask for, right? We all want it.

We all know that’s not happening ever. We still want it. And trust me, there is no harm in wanting something. All that you ought to do is be positive and you shall get what you want. “Thoda sa Dil and Thodi si Will” is all that is ever required. Even that one day well spent with your Family or Beloved or Friends is no less than that long Vacation.

Wanting a Promotion? Wanting to be a World Champion? Wanting to be an All India Ranker in an Exam? YOU WILL DO IT. More like YOU CAN DO IT.

All you need to do is Believe in it. Live every moment of it. Put in your hard work and efforts. Strive to Achieve it. And be rest assured that you are going to achieve it.

Those who don’t Believe, don’t Achieve. Know what is the Biggest Magic in life? YOU yourself. Believe in yourself and you’re bound to soar horizons in Life.

Smiles 🙂

– Rtr. Darshan Pawani
District Council Member