What would you do today if you knew you would not fail?

Now go out and do it! In other words, what is it that sets your soul on fire and makes you work like there is no tomorrow. There aren’t a lot of things which warrant that level of dedication, you know that in your heart. No matter who you are and no matter how may gifts you are endowed with, there is always that one thing you are willing to get up at 4 am for. That, has been my inspiration till date. It can be something as simple as organizing a college fest. It makes you want to give your 100% even if it means that you need to undertake classic how’s-it-going-to-help-you fights with your parents.

I remember I was in 9th grade when I saw my first comedy sketch on YouTube. After that, there was no stopping me. I saw every sketch from that particular channel. Imagine me with unkempt hair and nails rummaging through the internet like a cocaine addict with an agitated expression trying to find that one video which would give my brain the high to last through another day.

That was quite an exaggeration wasn’t it? Well it had become something like that. It hasn’t gotten any better since that day and with time I have managed to control my bouts (read in a ‘Mera naam Mukesh hain’ tone) and reduced it to four comedy sketches a day. That’s normal right?

In my 12th grade we had one of those competitions in school where the famous students in the class took a backseat and class dorks like us would get a chance to shine through our nerdy skills and bag the title of Miss and Mister Best student of the year. That was the first time I performed a stand up act in front of a handful of 10 students. And I can assure you that all my friends who I had asked (read threatened) to laugh had laughed enough for my sake (here it is imperative for me to mention that there was that one student who did not even smirk). I won the second prize. Maybe it was during that time that I was slowly turning to the world I had always aspired to be a part of.

So comedy became my biggest inspiration and I tried to make it a part of my life therein.

I draw most of my inspiration from Tina fey, a writer and comedian whose book Bossy pants made me fall in love with her. An extremely relatable personality, her writing is not only hilarious but also genius. I aspire to work the way she does one day. However I would be lying if I said that she is my only inspiration in life. It’s funny how inspirations in fields like these change every time you come across someone who tops the genius of the previous one.

Comedy Central and SNL (Saturday Night Live) have changed the way I view comedy and expanded my horizons on the same. The pure brilliance of the actors on SNL inspires me, the ability of the writers to churn material after material each week to make their eager audiences laugh inspires me, the really well made advertisement I see on the television inspires me. Pure creativity inspires me. That last line would be my third inspiration in this article; I hope you are keeping up!

In order to stop myself from discovering million other inspirations in life, I would like to end my article here. Apart from Tina fey people like Amy Poehler, Kate McKinnon, Andy Samberg, Amy Schumer, Sumukhi Suresh are other comedy giants who are leaving a giant footprint in the funny business with their excellent work and the ability to make their audiences laugh their worries off. Consider them your therapists. Apart from them, story tellers like ‘The Viral Fever’ who brought in a new wave of writing with some excellent web series too inspire me to read my articles ten times over. I worship them and hope to achieve the heights they have achieved with their work and be able to make millions laugh and appreciate comedy and writing like never before.


– Rtr. Mallica Patel
Rotaract Club of Kishinchand Chellaram College






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