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To The Lost One/Ones!

How time works its way into our lives. There was a time when we were strangers. Then we became friends. Then best of friends. And then like every empire, which reaches its peak and declines, our friendship too had its downfall.

There was a time when not an hour went by without speaking, sharing, and laughing. There was a time when the days we didn’t meet were rare as a dime. There were days when we were thick, so much that people asked one for the other’s whereabouts. We spoke in the plural. The ‘I’ lost in the ocean of words. We were an open book to each other, a book that wasn’t shared with the world.

Soon, we reached the grey area that separates friendship and love. The place where the platonic and non-platonic meet. We strived to draw boundaries. But who has managed to draw lines in the sand and kept it safe from the waves? The lines had to be blurred. Sometimes I would overstep, sometimes you would. And then we would reassure ourselves that we would make it through, that we wouldn’t let it spoil.

It did, though, didn’t it?

Somewhere along the way, silences took over the words. Distance filled the spaces, which were once masked by hugs and kisses. Eye contact got replaced by far-away looks and hidden glances.

Where we once congratulated ourselves on our maturity to handle life situations, life tested us of our capacities to handle hurt and difference of opinions. And we failed. It is easier to handle hurt inflicted by strangers and those we loved, but remotely so. But hurt caused by our own mirrors? Our own friends, those we considered more important than anyone or anything in the world? That’s the hurt that can undo most. And you were that for me, my friend. And I for you. Probably more.

And so here we are, left with nothing but memories of the laughter; the moments we whiled away with naught a thought of anything material; moments which were an impromptu celebration of life over a small cup of hot tea at the corner of a road; moments where our eyes lit up with love, joy and laughter; innocent moments which now stand like shards of glass in the long road of the past.

Moments, which we cannot touch without drawing blood.

I wish it weren’t so. Yet, here we are, dear friend. Here we are.

Today, we are together only in our shared hurt. That is all that binds us together.

Amazing how love can mutate into anger and hurt so easily. Don’t you think, friend?

And that said, there are days when I almost convince myself all is well. That some day, we can still get back our friendship. Some days, I can manage to spend shuffling through the pages of the past without a heavy heart. Some days, I laugh with the memories without drawing tears.

Today, though, is not that day. Today, I wish my friend were here, creating new memories. Today, I am accompanied by the hollow space you left in my life.

Today is miles away from your past.


-Rtr. Monik Doshi
Rotaract Club of Bombay Film City


The Lost friend of Mine

Dear Best Friend Forever,

Hey! How are you? Never thought things would be so awkward between us. The last time we met, I guess two years back; the College Farewell you remember. The day we will be ‘Best Friends’ and there was a ’Forever’ there.

Well I choose to write today, because we did complete two years since that day and guess what in these two years those words were redefined for me. We don’t talk like before and you must be wondering why I am writing this letter. It is useless saying that we miss each other because that is a lie. You don’t! You moved on! (Feels like talking to a guy who moved on after the break up). But sincerely I won’t say that because I moved on too! It is not that I did not move on from our friendship or the way we shared every bit of our life with each other. The thing is, you just moved on real quick! So quick that I did not even have time to get used to the fact that you are not around anymore. You moved on even before I could even hold onto being alone without you. Well even I moved on, maybe not as graciously as you did. You know I am kind of a sobster (I know that is not a word, but it means a person who cries a lot). But the fact being, I did move on! And I made new friends and am living my life in all bliss! But I do miss you! I am matured enough to understand that our lives are different, hopes are different and after a month our time zones too.

I know it is not necessary, but I owe it to our friendship. I saw our pic yesterday, the one we clicked on the first day of our college. I owe it to that pic and those days of college. I just wanted to ask you one last time ‘Is it possible for you to spare an evening for your once best friend?’ There is no compulsion or it is not necessary for us to meet. But I would like to meet you one last time before I fly. Relieve our friendship one last evening before we turn our backs to each other and become strangers. Be the same old child I was with you before greeting the adult new world. Trust me I would like meeting you before I leave.

Your Best Friend,
From the 2014 Batch

-Rtr. Anangha Gawande
Rotaract Club of Mumbai Bandra Kurla Complex






That Lost Friend of Mine

Do you remember that day when we laughed so hard our stomachs hurt? Or when we had sleepovers at your house while pretending to be studying? Do you remember that day when I came over to your house and got you ice cream when you were a crying mess because a stupid boy broke your heart? Or when you supported me when I got a huge fight with my parents? Do you remember? Because I do. I remember you and all our laughs and fights and memories and it breaks my heart that you aren’t here with me to share that nostalgia. You’re probably off to some exotic vacation we had always dreamed about or you just bought an apartment which we were supposed to move in together but I won’t know would I? Because I don’t know you anymore and we’re just two strangers who shared a childhood of memories together.

It’s very hard to digest the fact that someone you used to spend all your time with and knew like the back of your hand is just gone- POOF. And the next time you eat those fries with nutella you know you’re going to think about them and their weird habits you picked up from them because they leave pieces of themselves in you and you just can’t help but miss them so damn much.

Losing a best friend is like losing a limb, a part of your body without which you can’t function. You feel guilty for not trying hard enough, you feel angry at them for leaving and you feel regret for what could have been. Losing a best friend is hard and it takes a long time to let someone in like that, to know you in an intimate manner like that but just know that you will eventually and when you do it’ll be ok again. And that lost friend of yours? They’ll become a memory and your heart won’t tighten and your eyes won’t tear up anymore as you eat those nutella covered fries instead you’ll feel a content ache in your heart.

-Rtr. Vishwa Mehta
Rotaract club of NM College


A Letter To A Younger Me


Life is an amazing journey, and you are going to love every bit of it. You are going to go through amazing, wonderful times but are also going to go through difficult times when you are going to feel that no one is there for you.

You are too young to understand what I am going to say right now. So I will make it a bit easier for you. I am your future. I know what mistakes you are going to make ahead, I know what decisions you are going to make which are going to change you in a good way and a bad way as well. I know what are your likes, dislikes and everything. I know it is difficult for you to believe that I am actually your future so you can assume that I am a friend of yours who is going to advise you over this letter.

Though I know what mistakes you are going to make I am not going to tell you about it. That way I am hurting you and myself as well, so for that I am only going to advise you that whenever you make a mistake do not try to cover it up but take its responsibility and then make it right.The more you try to cover it up, the more you get inside the maze you are creating yourself. Accept your mistake and learn from them.

You are going to face a lot of tough times, you will get angry at people for no reason at all, you will feel no one is by your side but you will be wrong. You just need to keep your eyes open and your mind calm. There are going to be many people around you, who are offering you help but they become the victims of your anger because they were too sweet to you.

Lastly always remember to be good to everyone. Many people are going to dislike you for some or the other reason but then you are going to find people who love you even when you are at your worst. You are going to make good friends and bad ones too but make sure you are having your best time with them laughing and enjoying. And always stay close to your parents , you might feel that they are not doing enough, but they always are, they are the ones who are going to give you the best advice and the ones you are going to love you the most . do not forget them amidst your friends. Love everyone , enjoy every moment ,always give your hundred percent and never feel shy for doing anything , you will never realize.

– Rtr Khushal Somani
Rotaract Club of HR College

My dear Akshaya

Dear ten year old Akshaya,
Ten years old, ten little Barbie’s,
Eleven years old, eleven pretty friends,
Twelve years old, twelve different lipsticks,
Thirteen years old, thirteen reasons to be popular,
Fourteen years old, fourteen reasons you’re worthless,
Fifteen years old, One hundred and fifty scars.
Sixteen years old, sixteen reasons not to die,
Seventeen years old, seven people to love, one person to love and seventeen reasons to smile.
This what your life is going to look like, honey. You’re only 10 now. So happy. Happy will be a privilege you can’t afford in your teens. Maybe at the start, but now? Oh yes. Definitely. You may feel like you look ugly, that you’re too thin, that you should start doing the bad stuff to get in with the cool crowd. But there will always be one person in every stage of your life who will say No. This is wrong. You’re beautiful and priceless. You don’t need the bad ones.

Life takes turns. By the time you’re my age you’ll have a dirty past and a lot of memories with so much maturity and childlike personality. You might even surprise people with your positive attitude.

Bear with life and live it to the fullest. Be happy. After all, you have long to live.


Yours lovingly,

Rtr. Akshaya Iyer
Rotaract Club of Mumbai Salt City.




Dear 10 Year Old

Dear 10 year old,

Sometimes, your parents will have counter view that doesn’t mean they don’t love you. They just care for you and want the best for you. Never disrespect them. They are much experienced and they know what is best for you.

Some things and some people are very cryptic. But that simply doesn’t mean you leave them halfway or half done. Because darling, those things then will haunt you with the thought that would things be different if you completed them and why didn’t you try. And this thought will almost kill you.

If someone bullies you for that short hair, braces, spectacles or that fat on your body or maybe something else. Doesn’t mean you aren’t beautiful. Don’t compare yourself with others just because they have clear skin or they are slim. You are pretty with your own terms and conditions. Love yourself and nourish that body.

Trust actions baby because words are overrated anyway. Observation is key to find keepers. Observe everyone and everything around you and learn. Spend some time with yourself and play your heart out.

People leave and everyone will not stay and that is what you can’t help. Please don’t beg to stay.

Just because you fail a math test or accidentally made a fool of you in the class that doesn’t mean you cry at 2a.m. and curse yourself. You have much things to do like read the books which you can’t keep down, bake your favourite dessert, complete your bucket list, smile at strangers, listen to new music, meet your favourite artist, make your parents proud and much more.

You’re worth baby. You are much more than what you think. Love yourself and be you because there is nobody like you.

Yours lovingly,
Once 10 years old

-Rtr. Amruta Kadam.
Rotaract Club of Hinduja


The Masterpiece


She sat in her study, painting her Family Picture. She kept painting it for an hour. After every attempt to paint the perfect family picture, she failed to create her masterpiece. She yet kept trying to make it perfect. After an hour, at the end of a failed attempt [frustrated], she walked towards the kitchen for a sip of water. She came back and sat in her study to see the perfect painting of her family. She was shocked to see the perfect family picture while she left back a failed attempt.

She starred at it for a while. Kept staring at it, thinking who perfected it while she was alone in the apartment. Mom & Dad at office and Brother in Heaven since the last New Years Eve. She kept on thinking of who could create this masterpiece. She stopped for a second and fell deep in her memory.

Her Brother was an Artist, who gave his death for his forced engineering. She ran to His room with that perfect family painting and opened the door. Glared at his masterpieces and landed his eye to that master piece in Her Hand.


She sat at that spot to find something written at the back. Words forced tears roll out of Her eyes. It read, “Couldn’t stay away from you on your birthday, so thought of seeing you and gifting you this master piece, Happy Birthday Sister, Love YOU.”

-Rtr. Yogesh Shah
Rotaract Club of Lala Lajpatrai College


Yes It Was Her!

Falling asleep has always been a difficult job for me. The cold night awakens my soul (at least whatever is left of it). Every night the same old dream which slowly starts haunting and becomes my only reality.

It all started the summer my cousin came to our place and since that summer nothing has been normal. It all started with the same old nagging and irksome comments that we shoot at each other. The same old “Who is the best’ competitions. But that day I crossed my limits, I locked her out. It was cold, my aunt was not there and that was the revenge I had to achieve. The punishment she had to receive, for stealing the guy I liked. I did not know things would turn the way they are right now. I locked her out in the blazing cold all by herself. She knocked the door, she kept on knocking.  But I just ignored it all and went upstairs in the cozy bedroom on the fluffy bed. All night she knocked the door, banged it and tried everything that one can fathom. I thought she would just sleep on the porch for one night. The next morning it all had to end. But it did not; I woke up to sirens and shouting, cries and chaos. She was dead! Not near our house, but near my school. She was stripped down and ripped apart, we were told it was the dogs that attacked and since then nothing is the same.

Every night the same dreams, the same knocking at my window, the barking of the dogs. The noise of the storm, when the nights are silent. No one believes me, but I see her everyday near my school.  She is waiting; she is waiting for me to be locked out. And sincerely I am waiting for the same too!

-Rtr. Anagha Gawande
Rotaract Club of Mumbai Bandra Kurla Complex


The perfect explanation for morning hours is when sluggishness embraces tight and the only way to catch up with the daily schedule is by sacrificing the warm bed. However managing to reach the school on time was easier than spending 6 hrs at the school. The last bell chimed and it was time to meet my best friend, Anuja. She was neighbor and my only company when while heading home. I ran to meet her at our usual spot. We began our walk home and Anuja let out a high pitched squeal of delight and went on to tell me all about her visit to the amusement park yesterday….and her story began…

“The tires of our vehicle screeched to a halt announcing our arrival at the amusement park. I was almost delirious with excitement and adrenaline coursed through my vein when I saw all the freakishly amazing rides in front of me. I couldn’t hold back my obvious glee at finally making it here.

But the highlight amongst all the rides was the roller coaster. It looked like a deathtrap tailor-made to induce screams. I rubbed my hands in anticipation and hopped on to the seats. The engine roared to life and the excited chatter of the people on the ride came to a halt. The train sped up to a dizzying height and plummeted down making the people scream unanimously. And then…”

I stopped her mid-sentence because I realized we had reached home. She promised to complete the story tomorrow. I bade her goodbye and stepped into my flat. I found my mother bend over the newspaper a look of shock and disbelief evident on her face. Before I could ask her anything she wordlessly handed me the newspaper and pointed at the front page article.

The headline was

“3 injured and 6 dead in a roller coaster accident…

The names of the deceased was enlisted below and it read.

  1. Anuja Sharma
  2. Prem Shinde
  3. Shrikant Bhagwan

Chills coursed through my spine and I was left speechless..

-Rtr. Sneha Suthar
Rotaract Club of VES College of Pharmacy

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